Latest News!

We are Red Star Coven. We make silly miniatures, plus politically motivated ones. Categories are below and we tend to ship next day. Go and have a look at all the goodies! 

January 2nd: Two GW LotR fortress sets added to GW section.

December 30th: Fat Warz will return!

December 11th: Follow the Fat Warz Apocalypse Pre-launch page by clicking HERE

December 10th: New categories! WWII Bargains and old GW stuff going cheapish. We'll be adding more almost daily.

November 30th: Coming soon to KS: Fat Warz Apocalypse. Rick with a Silent "P" pictured above.

November 23rd: New Stunty Henchmen Heavy Weapons

November 20th: Kickstarter backers please click HERE to complete your pledge once you have your code.

October 16th: New in the Fantasy Football section, Evil Henchmen Loony Pogoer!

September 30th: Now in the Stunty Henchmen section, Evil Fantasy Football Dive Bomber and Big Purple Football Eater!

September 29th: New in, Evil Fantasy Footballers!